Monday, April 17, 2006

Phooey, Another Bomb Went Off

Don't you just hate it when a bomb goes off near your house? So much noise, sirens, cellphones ringing. Yuck!

(Black humor gets me through it.)

Lisa, the professional journalist, has posted photos.


That Girl said...

Im glad you're okay!

Tamar said...

Am so sorry to hear the news, savtadotty. So close to you - so close to everyone. You are all in my thoughts.

sirbarrett said...

I heard about this. Islamic Jihad again. I don't understand whether it is increasingly the Palestinians or the Iranians conducting these bombings but I'd imagine that with the sanctioning of international support in terms of aid for Palestinians, there's more pressure on the people and unfortunately they will only increase. When anyone can dress up as a Jewish tourist, a wall doesn't stop these kinds of things.

Anyway, thank G-d you're ok. It's good you have a sense of humour. You have to with the world today no? You either laugh or you cry.

goldenlucyd said...

And life does go on. But what a tragedy. And what's Jew without black humor?
GD be with you,

Vanda said...

Greetings from England. I'm glad that you are ok. I found you through Spanglemonkey.

Savtadotty said...

Thank you all for your concern. Each time these things happen I get very angry and defiant, and then sadness takes over. I feel some kind of slow-acting poison accumulating. Where is the antidote?