Sunday, May 14, 2006

Are You Happy?

If you are, you can skip this post. If you're not, you can improve your situation for free:

Read this article about Harvard lecturer Tal Ben Shahar in today's Haaretz.

Listen to this radio interview with Tal on NPR. (I love his accent!)

Watch Tal's lectures on video straight from his course web site (click on "Lecture Videos," pick your lecture and wait: they take a while to download).

I discovered that the same thing that makes Tal happy makes me happy:
"...Despite all the problems, we have a wonderful country. Israel is my home and I love the country. When I ask myself what will bring me personal happiness, happiness for my family, the answer is to live in Israel. The Israelis are very authentic. In no other place have I experienced the bond I have with the state and with the people who live in it - and I am not the first Israeli to say this."
Tal is returning to Israel this summer for a year or more.


John said...

A friend forwarded me this (long) article this morning...and it was interesting because I had just met with some friends a few days agao where we asked ourselves if happiness was "the" goal. I think that we concluded that happiness isn't the goal - that feeling - *really* feeling is the goal. Happy, sad, frustrated - whatever. Experiencing all the flavors of life's ice cream parlor (esp chocolate orange!). So if this guy helps us feel real happiness and other emotions in their life-sized portions, I am all for it.

Yael K said...

I'll take the happiness helping. Today I could use it and the uplifting message! Thanks for posting this, it went a long way to repairing my day :)

goldenlucyd said...

Thanks, Savta. I enjoyed this post very much. I read the Haaretz piece and was inspired by Tal's feelings about Israel---I'm passing the link on to my kids. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!