Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Wanted Saddle Shoes

Green Shoes
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I got a letter from my alma mater today, announcing preparations for a 50th reunion next year. I remember the school "uniform" most of us seemed to wear back then: white buckskin shoes, bobby sox, skirts, sweaters, and blazers. But I remember more fondly the thrill of new saddle shoes when I went to elementary school. I even found a web site that sells them, both vintage and new. But a shoe in the hand two shoes on the foot is are worth etc., etc., and today while walking my doggie these extraordinary green shoes caught my eye; they were so comfortable I couldn't resist.

I don't think I'll attend that reunion.


Yael K said...

aha, I'm inspired. For the soup salon I'm going to wear my saddle shoes from my two-week stint in a catholic school (from which I got kicked out right about the time I also refused to go back because a) they forced me to take communion which caused my mother to call the school and scream at them and b)said the shma in the religion class when the teacher made us each contribute a prayer and I was the first one called on --hey it was the only prayer I knew!. so it was kinda obvious that i was uh, a jewish kid and there under false pretences). the saddle shoes are great though and very comfortable! You wear yours and I'll wear mine... :)

Chancy said...

Those green shoes are great.
I fondly remember saddle oxfords and bobby sox from long ago high school days.

goldenlucyd said...

Great shoes and nice ankles, Savta!
I didn't go to my 50th reunion either. Maybe I'll make it to my 75th...if there's anybody around with whom to reunite.
Shavuoah Tov,

samirah said...

A)Kick ass shoes.

B)Every year in late August my grandma would taking me shopping and buy me saddle shoes (the black and white kind) and that was always my favorite part of school.

C)Go to your reuinion, it only happens once!

Savtadotty said...

Yael - My mother's older sister went to catholic school in rumania. My grandfather decided they would get a better education there, and he made an arrangement with the nuns to take them out of catechism class and teach them embroidery instead. I don't think they wore saddle shoes though: this was in the 1890's.

chancy - I've already walked miles in them...they're even more comfortable now that they're broken in.

goldenlucyd - I can't believe you commented on my ankles! I hope you go to your 75th, even if you're the only one there.

samirah - I was just hoping for "cool," but "kickass" is much better. I'm not so sure about the reunion though: everything only happens once, y'know.

Liza said...

Oooh! Lovely! The color is fab!

Oh, and I agree with goldenlucyd - nice ankles! :-)

Savtadotty said...

she - the color! they look like the shoes a sensible elf would wear. How fab is that?

Maria said...

My 50th school reunion was in 2004 and I didn't attend. It was a Catholic Girls Academy and although many memories are excellent, many are hurtful. Besides, I have fought my own personal battles with the Church and I am proud to say, we agree to disagree and I have learned to think for myself. This is probably the greatest gift that I took away from my Catholic days and it came only with rebellion.

We were about the only uniformed school where the girls did not wear saddle shoes. Ours were called happy hikers and were the ugliest brown oxfords in the whole world.

peripateticpolarbear said...

I bought saddle shoes for a 50's costume event a few years ago. I love them! I wish I was bold enough to wear them more places. And your green shoes are really cool!