Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Use Blog Power

Alaa, a well-known pro-democracy blogger in Egypt, has been arrested and imprisoned by the Egyptian government. Lisa of On the Face covers the story. Lisa also explains how you can help to secure Alaa's freedom, no matter where you live, and I have copied some of the information here from her site.

Global Voices Online manager Rachel Rawlins suggested producing a "Google Bomb," so that people searching for information on Egypt will find the link to the Free Alaa! at the top of the list. Such a bomb does no physical harm to anyone. Here's how it works: write a blog post where you mention Egypt as many times as possible. Every place it occurs, link the word Egypt to the Free Alaa! blog at, and you will help push the site higher on the rank of Google searches for Egypt.

Rachel says it will help aggregators (as if we knew what they were) if you:
1) post the word googlebombingforalaa
2) link it to
3) so your blog displays googlebombingforalaa

If you don't want to engage in google bombing, at least go to the Free Alaa! blog and find out where to send letters to various governments and non-governmental agencies to protect our right to free speech. It's not to be taken for granted, you know.


DemoBlogger said...

Thanks for writing about our project. I have added your post to our wiki

goldenlucyd said...

I will do my best. We all need to stand up against this stupidity and tyranny!