Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebration Blues

Mermaid Girl was six years old yesterday. I asked her a question during our phone conversation, and she answered, "I have no idea," in such a grownup voice. How I wanted to be there!

Today is my 18th aliyah anniversary. I can't believe the variety of experiences since my move. How I had hoped the world would be better by now!

Tomorrow is my daughter elswhere's and Renaissance Woman's 8th and 3rd wedding anniversary (in 1998 a commitment ceremony in the USA, in 2003 a legal marriage in Vancouver, BC). What a sweet family they have made. How I wish I could babysit and send the couple out to celebrate!


Tamar said...

18 years ago I emigrated to USA after living in Israel for 19 years. Did our planes cross in flight?

Fred said...

Happy Birthday to Mermaid Girl!

Stephanie said...

First off, happy celebratory markings to all!
Second...18 YEARS!!! Girlfriend, I think a bit of celebratory liquid is in order to accompany Friday's soup. Chai and cheers!

John said...

Happy Aliyahversary!
Happy Birthday to Mermaid Girl!
Happy Anniversaries to Elswhere and RW!

Udge said...

Congratulations and happy days all around! (How the time flies...)