Saturday, August 26, 2006

Roseanne Roseannadanna: Return! *UPDATED*

It has been many years since we last heard from my idol, Roseanne Roseannadanna, and we are all worse off for it. Savtadotty (that's me) has decided to take up the torch, to wit:

I've heard the astronomers are reclassifying Pluto. I say, "Let sleeping dogs lie."

Now, turning to more serious matters, the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S. Since when is Alan Greenpeace no longer in charge? What does this mean for the World Ecology?

Because I have been struggling with the Hebrew language for 18 years as of next Tuesday, I have also made some serious contributions to the Hebrew lexicon of malaproprisms, but have until now hestitated to share them with such a wide non-Hebrew-speaking audience. My most recent masterpiece is confusing the word for "hearts" (lavavot) with the word for "potato pancakes" (levivot) In many cases, my version works better.

I must be a true Israeli after all. Look what's reportedly #3 on our radio hit song list: Pancakes!

Thanks, Israellycool!


saz said...

You do a cool Roseanne Roseannadanna! I miss her too. And take heart - at least you're trying to learn another language - I don't even try!

Fred said...

I used to watch the newscaster that was the inspiration for the charachter. (Roseanne Scarmadella.) She was a riot to watch growing up.

I'm still struggling with English. You're way ahead of me.

Yael K said...

People put lemon on pancakes? Are they out of their minds?! Nutella is the only way to go!

Udge said...

Ach, Yael, I'm disappointed. My English grandmother taught me this one: Sprinkle a good layer of sugar (thin but covering all bases) on the pancake, drizzle lemon juice over that, roll it up and enjoy. (Tastes great on cold day-old pancakes too, but pancakes seldom live that long around here.)

I dare you to try it and then tell me it wasn't delicious!