Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Creaky Cog

Warning! $$$$$Sponsored Product Review!

Even though my job application as Eyeglass Attendant is still pending, I am no longer officially self-unemployed. Because I read Don Radlauer's blog, Review Me is now paying me to review stuff! I am intrigued by the concept. I only have to review stuff I want to review. I don't have to write positive reviews! I hope I can be creative in my trashing. I am paid based on the traffic to this blog. But don't worry: my first obligation is to you my faithful readers, and I won't do enough reviewing to get rich or boring. Or more boring than I would otherwise get without reviewing stuff. And certainly not richer, as I'll be spending my earnings on frivolities.

The first review is of the Review Me site itself, kind of a practice review. What can I say? The site has colors. I'm actually not so crazy about the color-coding. Maybe green is for advertisers and blue is for bloggers? Except when it isn't. In fact, I think they just have colors kind of randomly assigned to groups of Words. The Words are in English. They seem to be spelled correctly, although some of words are strange: why would I want to Submit a Bug? Wouldn't I rather Report a Bug? The fonts are crappy, almost ransom note style. Boxes. Some boxes have round corners and some have square ones. I don't know why. Come to think of it, the graphic design is kind of a mess. It kind of looks like a poor man's copy of the first version of Flickr. Which was free. So maybe that's why they're paying me to review it! (Sorry, guys…you said the review doesn't have to be positive.)

Advertisers are supposed to buy reviews, and I don't know who's done that. They're probably waiting to see how much spending power or page-hitting power our collective reviewer readership represents. I guess I'll get fired now. It was fun being a creaky cog in the giant wheel of world capitalism, Web 3.0 version. It beat having to set the alarm, and it was slightly more subtle than putting ads on my blog. You could do it too.

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John said...

Ads? Subtle? ;)