Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This morning in my not-quite-awake haze, I took my dog's dose of Eltroxin (100mcg) instead of my morning vitamins. Eltroxin is synthetic thyroid hormone, prescribed for people (and dogs) whose thyroid gland isn't working. According to my own family doctor, my thyroid gland is working just fine, and according to "Shuki's" tests, hers shut down about five years ago. Ever since she was diagnosed and dosed, her health has been superb. So far, I have noticed absolutely no effects from my mistake, but if my posts begin to sound like those of a hyperactive Canaani mixed-breed, all I can say is "Woof, Woof" (Hebrew translation: "Ow, Ow").


Rhea said...

There's a lot of talk of medicine mistakes these days, but that's usually when the hospital administers the wrong meds, not the self-inflicted kind. I bet you'll be sprinting all day.

Claude said...

Ouah! Ouah!

The French version of Woof, woof or Ow, Ow!

Nominally Challenged said...

Oh no!

What did you give the dog??

Savtadotty said...

NC - Well her blood pressure's way down, and she's not at all depressed! Of course I had some trouble getting the bloog-pressure machine cuff around her leg, so I put it around her stomach instead :-) And I baked a cake, so she could lick the batter bowl, which always sets her tail a-wagging.

Fred said...


Glad you're okay.

How's the dog? :)

Savtadotty said...

Fred, we have both recovered. I did notice my pulse racing a bit towards afternoon, and an increased thirst, but nothing serious. Lucky this time.