Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, Gobble

This week's Soup Salon has morphed into a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Dinner. It's gonna be just like a Norman Rockwell idealized Thanksgiving, with a few exceptions:
- there won't be a parade (we had enough parade stuff two weeks ago)
- the event will take place on Friday (tomorrow) 'cause that's when working folks have a day off
- there won't be national football games on TV ('cause football is soccer, and anyhow they don't play big games in the afternoon)
- most of the participants won't be related to each other
- the weather looks like it will be balmy enough to have the dinner outdoors

The various items on the menu have been assigned to various guests, and I get to stuff and roast the turkey. Well ordinarily that wouldn't faze me, but local grocery stores are not in the habit of selling whole turkeys, so I thought ahead and special ordered one from a newly-opened branch of a large grocery chain. David, the store manager called me with some news last week: the Health Department won't allow him to pick up a fresh-killed turkey for me from his main branch store, so I had to go and get it myself.

Luckily the main branch store is fairly close to a friend I haven't seen for about six months, and the store itself has 3 or 4 in-store restaurants. So yesterday I took the train to Rehovot, my friend picked me up, we browsed the cavernous and nearly-empty store (Wednesday afternoon is not a favored shopping time), lunched at the Noodle Bar, all the while me getting more and more anxious: would the turkey be there, as David had promised? From the photo, you know the answer.

As I entered the train station for my return trip, I got a kick out of opening my shopping bag to displaying my 7.63 kilo raw turkey to the security guard when he asked if I had any weapons.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Udge said...

I am envious beyond belief. I wish you all a happy and utterly indulgent Thanksgiving Friday. (Photos! photos!)

Chancy said...

Funny. I am thinking of the look on the security guards face when he saw the turkey.

Savtadotty said...

Udge, If you're envious of the weather, you are absolutely right: it's gorgeously balmy today. If you're envious of the company, I think you should plan to spend next Thanksgiving in Israel with us. It'll be almost as good as The Ring.

Chancy, he didn't bat an eye.You'd think he sees turkeys all day.

Tamar said...

What a great story! I could envisage the whole thing! Chag Todot Sameach!

Savtadotty said...

Tamar, one of my guests (an Israeli) came in to dinner and said "hag sameach" and I had no idea which Jewish holiday he was talking about!

littlepurplecow said...

Tamar, a dear friend of mine, shared your beautiful day with me. We fried our turkey this year in a huge outdoor cooking pot filled with peanut oil. As they say in "the south" here in the US... you can fry anything!