Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Little Less Fitness

Well I did get up in time to go to bone-building. It was much more crowded than the movement/dance class, the women were considerably older, and the exercises were boring, I think partly because there was no music and partly because they were just exercises. So I decided to forgo bone-building for now and just register for the movement/dance, which in any case meets twice a week. I got a 50% discount, and I don't know why. Either because I'm charming, a good dancer, old, or so late to join that half the semester is over. I didn't ask, because I don't want to know.


Maria said...

That is unfortunate. My powerflex class (Weight training) is always done to music and I enjoy it very much.

The main thing is to find something you really enjoy and stick to it.

Good luck

Savtadotty said...

I've signed up until June, and I wouldn't dream of dropping out. There's too much at stake!