Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two Year Blogoversary Today

It's hard to believe: people have been born, died, got married, divorced, changed sex, hair color, got sick, healed, and through it all here I am, still blogging. For me it's been a giant plus: even as I type this there is a four-year-old visitor napping on my bed with my dog curled up next to him, someone I would never have known otherwise (his mom is a blogger too). I wonder where we'll all be next year?

Oh, and don't forget to vote, you Americans out there!


Sage said...

I first voted in 1976, at age 22. I didn't vote again until 2004. It didn't make any difference... the nasty voices of the Christian Fundamentalist Republik of America just got louder. I voted Monday, early vote, for the third time in my life, just a symbolic act in support of the women voters who seem to be finally waking up.

I'm neither a Jew nor an Israeli, but looking on from the outside, it appears that Israeli public opinion has an almost immediate impact on the political landscape. Not here. We have to wait for the elections and the effect is only noticeable when the polticians shoot themselves in the foot in larger numbers, leaving a void for the voters to fill.

The alternative is to take to the streets, and we haven't done that in nearly 40 years. During the long interim between elections or riots, the politicians are oblivious and the common citizen has little to say.

claude said...

Happy blogoversary, Savtadotty! Yes, blogging makes a lot of difference to one's life, doesn't it?
It has for me.
I wish you many happy blogging returns ;)
I too am looking forward to the result of the vote in the US.

Savtadotty said...

Oh Sage, would that it were so! that Israeli public opinion has an almost immediate impact on the political landscape As I experience it here, Israeli politicians are so thick-skinned and hard-of-hearing that no matter how loudly and broadly we opine (which is how you get to learn about it), they figure out a way to ignore us. Freedom of speech is necessary, but not sufficient for democracy (ditto free elections).

Claude, looking forward to another year of your adventures and beautiful photos!

John said...


Udge said...

Happy blogday! I wish you many more happy years of writing.