Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Brown Bags for Me

I took my lunch to work today in my new Wizard of Oz lunchbox, and boy were my officemates jealous!

The lunchbox was a Chanuka present from elswhere. On the side it says "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too." Luckily I left my little dog home today, on account of the rain.


Rhea said...

Lunchboxes. I haven't used one in many, many years. That's a cool one.

claude said...

Lunchboxes are not used in France, that I know of. Or not this kind anyway. But this one is just lovely

Anonymous said...

I remember many years ago when my daughter was still a young girl there was a fad of painting lunch boxes and the girls would then use them as purses.

She and I painted one and it turned out really pretty but not nearly as great as yours.
Maybe you could use yours as a purse too. :)


Liza said...

Wow. What a great lunchbox! Is there a thermos too?

Udge said...

I am incandescent with envy, even though I don't pack lunch.

Savtadotty said...

Rhea, This is just more proof of my daughter's coolness!

Claude, A French lunch just doesn't fit in a box. Not the ones I remember, anyhow. They were more like dinners at midday.

Chancy, I suppose I could use it as a purse, but I prefer shoulder straps. Did you paint flowers on the lunch box?

Liza, it did not come with a thermos, but I happened to have one that just fits (barely, with a little squeezing...the box is a somewhat pliable metal).

udge, I'd like to see you glowing in the dark.