Sunday, February 11, 2007

From the Salt Mines to the Dascha

I thought coming out of retirement would be interesting, but today gave me two unhappy surprises:

1. I discovered that the database of last year does not match the data of this year, because someone in the Home Office back in the Old Country changed stuff without consulting anyone. So my time estimates are toast.

2. I discovered that getting up early to go to work makes me so sleepy I have to leave at lunch time for a nap. So my time estimates are more toast.

On the other hand, taking Shuki to work with me and having my boss outfit her with a dog bed next to the desk was a great comfort. At least someone gets to sleep at work!

Apparently my stint as a house-, child-, and cat-sitter was successful enough for a callback, so on Wednesday I go back to the dascha for a week while Papa the Professor goes on his international paper-delivery route. It should be much easier this time, because I know where the schools, one-way streets, and water-heater switches are. On the other hand, instead of one house cat there are now three. Shuki might not appreciate these new family members, although she very quickly achieved a workable truce with cat One last time. Tune in next week a for revised version of Conflict in the Middle East.

Special notification to all Soup Salon attendees: Soup will happen at the dascha this Friday afternoon. Email me if you need directions. (Or leftovers on Shabbat.)


samirah said...

i have an 8:30 class and getting up for it makes me so tired for the rest of the day that i end up having to skip later classes just to sleep :(

Liza said...

Soup salon at the dascha, eh? Oh so tempting, and so much more convenient. Perhaps the little one and I will put in an appearance...

Savtadotty said...

Samirah - I am totally sympathetic. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Liza - I will even provide a 15-year-old looking for work as a babysitter. This could be considered an interview!