Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Pain, No Gain, Oy Vey Zmir!

I am loving my fitness class more and more. Tamar, the instructor, has a great music collection. Every lesson we workout and dance to different stuff: Cuban, Tango, French, American. Yesterday we had Charles Aznavour. You have never really felt the burn until you feel it to Charles Aznavour crooning "My Yiddische Mama" in French! (A too brief sample is on track #10.)

(Update) He does a lovely guest spot starting five minutes into the Muppet Show.


Lioness said...

Golly, what a lovely new design! Cousin Lucy is so pretty - oh I love it! Mazel tov!

Savtadotty said...

Thanks, lioness. There's a beautiful collaboratively-written poem about Cousin Lucy at:

Savtadotty said...


In case you can't read the URL, it's at http://spanglemonkey.typepad.com
in the comments on her February 5 post "A Few Things Happening to Me"

Tamar said...

Wow! You look great savtadotty. Meaning your blog ... but by the sounds of the exercise class you must be looking great too! How fun all that wonderful music to work-out to. Music helps move those joints, doesn't it? Hurrah!

I wonder what one says when a blog home changes shape? Be'sha'ah tova?

samirah said...

whoa! fancy! i like it.

Savtadotty said...

Tamar - Glad you like the new look. don't think I look any different, but I sue do feel good!

We're missing you at Soup.

Samirah - I was aiming for "simple," but I got carried away :-)