Monday, April 02, 2007

Chag Pesach Sameach** from Flahdidah*

*"Fladidah" is how Little Bear referred to her home state when she was two: she was already at day care when my plane landed this morning, so I'll have to wait until later this afternoon to hear how she pronounces it now that she is eight months older.

** Happy Passover!

My flight from Tel Aviv to Atlanta was so boring and uneventful that I slept for about eight hours out of thirteen. The other five were spent seeking something good to watch or listen to on the non-entertaining entertainment system, and eating three undistinguished meals. I missed the translatlantic trifecta (Noorster, thank you for enlightening me): no very fat seatmate, no talkative seatmate, and no bawling infant or screaming child seatmate - in fact, no seatmate at all! The flight was not full. It wasn't so empty that I had a row to myself, but I would be happy to have my slim, quiet, childless row-mate on all future flights.

So here I am at Prowesslesslessness's home, waiting for him to finish making his special kosher for passover chocolate mousse so I can get in the kitchen to bake my special 10-egg matzo meal cake for tonight's dessert. Happily we're celebrating seder at their friends' house, so dessert is our only responsibility.

To all my readers who are not attending seders this year, do cultivate someone to invite you next year! Warning: communal seders are not necessarily as much fun, because they can degenerate into either bully-pulpits for longwinded rabbis or total chaos, but home-based seders with warm-hearted people are super. It's my favorite Jewish holiday, the first one I ever observed.


noorster said...

Chag Sameach! We were thinking of you tonight.

samirah said...

happy passover! i'm running my family's seder this year!!

Yaeli said...

chag sameach!! we missed you last night (and don't worry, I passed a bit of goodies to the puppy under the table as she didn't know what to do with herself with all those plates not heading her direction but rather to the kitchen).

nominally challenged said...

We really did miss you last night, Savta! You would have enjoyed it :) But we struggled on regardless, as we must.

Hope you're having a vonderful time with Little Bear and her parents. Send them my love too, and I hope we'll see them soon in our fair (?) land.

Chag Sameach!

Liza said...

So happy to read your post, as I was wondering how the flights turned out (given that we're doing the same run tonight). Don't suppose you happened to notice if there was a kiddie channel among the unentertaining in-flight entertainment?

I hope my seatmate won't be a screaming child...

See you Saturday!