Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Birthday in the Park

Yesterday I had not one but two birthday celebrations: a delicious brunch (Eggs Benedict) with my son, granddaughter, and visiting sister-in-law, and a High Tea at the park/playground with my daughter-in-laws friends, whose children are the ones said granddaughter is most comfortable ignoring (at two and three-quarters she has announced "I don't like people, only my family and 'my guys'" - her mammoth collection of stuffed animals), and with new friends. This birthday is a moveable feast: I will celebrate next week with the rest of my family, in LA, and the following week with my oldest friends, in New York. Photos of the park party currently reside in somethingsomething's mother's camera, and photos of the brunch do not exist - all interested photographers were too busy eating. And if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of sister-in-law's checked suitcase, kindly send it to her home address...she managed to visit here for three days with borrowed socks, shorts, and shirts, frequent laundry, and many phone calls to the baggage-tracking department of her airline, resulting in no suitcase.


Liza said...

Hey! We took a vote on the way home and it was unanimously decided that a most excellent time was had by all. Grampa didn't even mind cleaning ice cream mixed with sand off the soles of the Little One's shoes! What a fabulous afternoon. Grampa's still walking around saying, "I can't believe I played soccer yesterday!"

Photos are great, and we'll get them to you soon.

Will keep my eyes open for the suitcase...

Savtadotty said...

Ice cream mixed with sand: sounds exactly what my dog feasts on back at the Tel Aviv beach!

I am so glad you enjoyed the event. I thought Grampa played soccer all the time...didn't realize this was a unique happening.

Can't wait to see the photos. Don't worry too much about the suitcase: sister-in-law is gearing up for a battle with the airline, and I feel sorry for them :-)

Stefanella said...

Happy Birthday Dorothy!! We'll all celebrate when you get back..steph

Stefanella said...

Happy Birthday, Dot. We'll celebrate collectively when you get back! slf

Jo said...

Happy belated birthday!

nominally challenged said...

Happy (somewhat belated) Birthday!!

I'm happy you're having such a good time with your family over there, but we miss you over here too! :)

Keep enjoying and giving us snippets of your gawjus granddaughters!



Savtadotty said...

Steph - I'm learning from our tradition: who says a holiday has to be just one day? My birthday is hereby declared a Season.

Jo - ...and consequently, your greetings are not really belated. The season is just getting under way.

NC - I am working on getting some of the better photos uploaded, just as soon as I locate the cable. I did pack it, and I didn't lose it, so there's reason for optimism. (I love being missed - thank you!)

Liza said...

Having met one of the granddaughters, I can tell you all that not only is she gorgeous, she is also highly intelligent, not to mention more well-spoken than many adults I know!