Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Listing into port

Because it's so hot outside, I am attending to all of the indoor items on the following list. In fact, I think I'll spend a few minutes reorganizing the list to separate the indoor from the outdoor items, moving those indoor items that are dependent on outdoor items to the last. I do so enjoy fiddling with lists rather than actually doing stuff. As if there were any danger of my finishing everything...hah!

1. Plow through stuff in living room.
2. Plow through stuff on bedroom floor
3. Plow through stuff on office floor
4. Plow through filing cabinet
5. Plow through drawings stored on the balcony
6. Finish knitting Mermaid Girl's sweater
7. Get yarn for Els's sweater (consult on color/design ideas)
8. Organize yarn stash
9. Change light bulb in kitchen
10. Deal with parking ticket (pay or contest?)
11. Mail Pablofisherman's summer sweatpants [Israeli ones are cheaper and lighter]
12. Work on Report Card project [Dan, I have not forgotten!]
13. Re-cover kitchen banquettes
14. Copy videotapes to DVD
15. Re-cover sofa
16. Build more shelves in broom closet
17. Install magnets on broom closet door
18. Paint broom closet door
19. Get hand mirror fixed [It is part of an amber dressing-table set that was a wedding present to my mother in July 1923 - that's 84 years ago!]
20. Install door pull on clothes closet
21. Install more shelves in clothes closet storage
22. Get more drawers for office supplies closet
25. Repair office light fixture
23. Frame pictures and mementos
24. Hang pictures and mementos
26. Paint office
27. Paint kitchen tiles or get new backsplash
28. Plow through old floppies on PC
29. Replace pump for fountain on balcony
30. Glue wooden figurine
31. Troubleshoot cellphone-to-PC connection (Nokia PC Suite)
32. Refinish sideboard
33. Repair end-table leg
34. Repair Metropolitan Opera pilaster [plaster has disintegated as expected]
35. Replace lampshade in living room
36. Get scanner and scan 35mm slides
37. Albumise photos after 1956
38. Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict


jennifer said...

I'm in awe. If my list has more than 5 items on it, there's no chance of it getting done.

Savtadotty said...

Jennifer - Not to worry. Some of these items have been on my to-do list for YEARS.

Claude said...

I am great at doing list and never get the stuff on the list done. Wish I was the other way around. But what can you do... LOL

Savtadotty said...

Me too. I published the list this time in hopes that fear of public shame will motivate me. We'll see...