Sunday, November 11, 2007


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All but one now replaced by my new iPhone. Sadly, I have to use the one in the upper left-hand corner in Israel, where the iPhone doesn't yet work without international roaming. At least not legally.


Tamar Orvell said...

First, two close friends assure me that their iPhone is the best. So, good that you got one. Now, could you explain at a level a preschooler can understand, what's up w using the iPhone in Israel as being illegal? I tried to wrap my brain around THIS one when the device came out and try though I did, I failed. TIA.

Savtadotty said...

Tamar, I don't think a peschooler could understand this, but I'd be violating my 2-year contract with AT&T if I didn't use them or their designated agents as my service provider on the iPhone. In reality, if I unlock my iPhone, AT&T is not going to sue me, and certainly the Israeli police aren't going to be knocking on my door, but Apple can make it technically difficult for me to maintain the info I store inside the phone.

hilary + wood said...

oh no! pretty iphone! where is it going to go? maybe our cousin the rabbi has a kid who needs one? ebay?

i could always use one... :)

hope you are enjoying being back home!

love hil

Savtadotty said...

Hi Hil, I'm keeping the iPhone to use on my USA visits, and hope I'll be able to figure out a way to use it in Israel soon. Nice try ;-)