Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Being [a] patient

I've been a patient in the dermatology department at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem for 12 days. Although I was admitted with erythradermic psoriasis, eventually tests showed that I (also) have a drug reaction, or as the doctors here pronounce it, "drag reaction." Nobody knows which "drag" is making trouble for me, but meanwhile I am much improved, thanks to being slathered all over with various potions twice a day.

With no prospects of immediate discharge, I managed to get a macbook and have it delivered to my bedside today! This has improved my morale and I can pretend I am home, reading blogs as usual, except for the background sounds of Russian conversations and the occasional moan from the occupant of a neighboring bed.

Don't bother to comment on this post. Just send healing thoughts my way, please.


Anonymous said...

Poor you. I know you said don't comment on the post, but I wanted to register that there are some prayers for your healing heading your way from the S. Hemisphere. So many bloggers are sick sick sick at the moment. Yaeli and Chayyei Sarah to name 2, other than your good self. Hubby and I had to "exit stage right" from a dinner with friends the other day too. We managed to get the same bug in stereo within about half an hour of each other. Bizarre. You are in the right place to get fixed, so here is praying healing hands for all the wonderful medics at Hadassah.

Udge said...

Well, I never was much good at following orders. Gute Besserung, Savtadotty, and I hope you get (a) well and (b) back home soon.

Savtadotty said...

Thanks, Anonymous, and danke schoen, Udge. Christmas came and went without so much as a by your leave.

Tamar Orvell said...

Total bummer. I had a terrible time once w a skin reaction to head lice treatments. Where did I get the little buggers? In a certain somebody's home in Israel. Who finally made the diagnosis after multiple derma docs reviewed and made pronouncements on my case? My sainted "regular" doctor in Tel Aviv. I so empathize w skin torture though you are having the really tough time. Susanne had just returned from seeing you when I called her on Skype. Sounds as though you are gradually returning to your whole self. Typing good energy thoughts for you on my MacBook;-)

Lioness said...

Oh no, erythradermic psoriasis? Such fun. I really am so sorry, so so sorry, not fair! But - you have internet connection while in hospital? Such luxury, that must make it indeed a bit more bearable. You must miss your flat and your dog terribly. I hope they fix you up pretty soon, and that 2008 brings no flares.

Eryhtradermic?? Bloody hell.

Lioness said...

Also, forgot to add, loads and loads of healing thougths are coming you way from Europe's armpit. LOADS.

A big smooch.

Savtadotty said...

Tamar -
Only people who have had skin troubles themselves really understand what the phrase "I wanted to jump out of my skin" means!

Lioness -
See above, plus smooches back at ya'

Everyone -
I'm finished my 17th day in this place, single-handedly raising the national average hospital stay. Keep those get-well thoughts going, please.