Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Health of Various Systems* (Updated) **(Updated again)

Good news: I'm getting better (after 18 days), and starting a trial dose of a new treatment today. Some day I may be discharged!

Bad news: the Internet at my building in Hadassah Hospital is going down for what is estimated to be DAYS.

I am hopeful about the first and annoyed about the second.

*Update starts here
Good news: So far, no adverse reactions to trial dose.
Good news: I found an Internet cafe in the next door mini-mall
Good news: I discovered that my bed was backwards by trying to elevate the head and elevating the knees instead.
Good news: I discovered when to submit menus to request a main course other than chicken.
Bad news: new medication isn't supposed to start working until after at least two weeks.
Good news: If I have no adverse reaction after "a few days" I can go home and take future doses (pills) there!

** Second update starts here
Good news: So far, no adverse reactions to trial dose.
Good news: The entire mini-mall next door to the hospital has wi-fi.
Good news: The moaning/screening roommate was discharged.
Bad news: My doctor has to serve a week's military reserve duty next week.
Bad news: I will stay in the hospital until he returns to pronounce me well enough to leave.


Lioness said...

EXCELLENT and That's simply too inconsiderate. How dare they, you need the ether!

I hope you keep getting better and that the hospital sees the error of its ways and fixes it STAT.

Udge said...

Well, five goods to one bad is a pretty fair average. I hope you continue to mend, and that the pills will work wihtout complications.

Savtadotty said...

Lioness - It turns out the entire mini-mall is hot with wi-fi, so I can have my choice of cafes and fast-food emporia.

Udge - five goods to one bad is indeed better than passing.

Claude said...

No fun to have to remain in hospital, but at least the Internet is not far away ;)
I didn't count but the good news seem to exceed the bad news!

Yaeli said...

Savta D --holy cow, no wonder you weren't home when I dropped by to see you just before the family came! I had no idea!! All my phone numbers went away when my old cellphone. Can you have visitors??!

Lioness said...

Yes,yes, I've just read! How impossibly excellent! And the good news are increasing as the bad ones dwindle, very good as well. I'm delighted to hear the trial drug is working without adverse effects,enough for you already.

Also, I tried Eucerin bcs you mentioned it. Picture me now hugging your knees, and you'll have an accurate vision of my gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for mini-malls next to hospitals! Is this an Israeli thing? I haven't come across any here in Melbourne(and I've done a fairly thorough survey over the past few years unfortunately). Hoping to hear you're home and feeling better very soon. Fay

Gila said...

Oh, I am so bitter. I was just hospitalized at Hadassah and had NO IDEA that there was Wifi! To think that I suffered internet withdrawal for nothing.

At least I know about the coffee and pri-shakes.

Have not quite worked my way back to why you were at Hadassah (am reading posts backwards) but hope you are doing better....


Savtadotty said...

Lioness, How come Blogger didn't email me your comment about Eucerin? (That's rhetorical, you don't have to answer.) Anyhow, I would be happy to have you hugging my knees, but slathering them with medicated cream would be more helpful just now. And elbows. And everywhere in between. And below. And above.

Fay, I like to think mini-Malls next to hospitals is an Israeli thing. I don't remember it in any other hospitals, but I've only ever been in other hospitals in Manhattan, and they don't "do" malls there.

Gila, Welcome to The Spoon! Don't be bitter, because a) you're out of the hospital now! Hurray! b) if you have to go back, you'll know next time, c) I think bitter is bad for the recovery machinery. However, if you enjoy being bitter, then ignore the above.