Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rehov HaGilboa, Tel Aviv

In the Fall of 1988, while still living in an immigrant's dormitory, I used to walk around various Tel Aviv neighborhoods looking for the one I wanted to live in permanently. I happened upon Rehov HaGilboa, and fell in love with its shaded, slightly seedy, buildings. Now the street is almost completely renewed, and happily the built-from-scratch buildings blend in pretty well with the renovated ones.

I didn't find a home on this street, but one almost like it, around the corner!


Udge said...

Nice photos! (Though almost any building would look well in that sunshine and greenery.)

Nizo said...

sunshine! send some sunshine!

Lioness said...

One of the best things about Tel Aviv is how the beautiful and the ugly coexist and are so often superimposed. That is a very fine building indeed, though Udge is right, of course.

[Not sure I ever got around to tell you, I fear not, but Vancouver won't happen till November, shame.]

Savtadotty said...

Udge, it's true, the sunshine and greenery are a lot of what I find lovely in Tel Aviv. In fact, I was surprised at how much greenery there is, given all that talk about desert.

Nizo, I wish I could. There really is too much, especially for my skin.

Lioness, I liken it to the long ago days of shopping at Loehmann's in Brooklyn: treasures and ugly stuff mixed together willy-nilly.

Sorry we won't meet up in Vancouver. I hear it rains there a lot.