Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ancient Winepress, in situ

Ancient Winepress, in situ
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This winepress, from the 5th century, is in exact spot where it was found, presently the location of the Land of Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

I was at the museum today with my class from the Alma Institute. After viewing two exhibitions, one of photographs of Israel 1947-1957, the other of modern Israeli glass artists (photos on my flickr page), we returned to our classroom for a lecture by a brilliant archeologist who conducts the digs at Ramat Rahel in the summer. He invited us to participate in his dig next summer, provided we get up early enough to be there before sunrise. Dream on!

When I cast my eyes down to the floor of the classroom before his lecture, I realized I simply had to photograph the gorgeous tiles there (no flash).

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