Saturday, September 06, 2008

A 24-Hour Something

In the middle of yesterday's Soup Salon I was struck by a queasy feeling and felt an overwhelming urge to lie down. Luckily my guest were in such animated conversation that my disappearance hardly caused a ripple; in fact I fell asleep and I'm told another guest arrived, stayed for soup and conversation, and everyone left without waking me up.

It was truly heart-warming to know that my hospitality does not require my waking presence. Really. After a hearty 13-hour nap, I awoke briefly, and resumed my marathon sleep for another four hours, giving whatever it was that I had plenty of time to lose its battle with my immune system.

Hurricanes, floods, election campaigns, nothing disturbed me. Luckily my dog is a champion sleeper too.

I wonder if it was Sara Palinitis?


Tamar Orvell said...

Delighted that your immune system won the battle. Decades ago, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I hosted a Passover seder with all the fixin's. During the prep time, I tasted the wine one time too many, and when my guests arrived, I excused myself for "a brief rest." I woke up hours later, the seder having been completed, the food and libations consumed, and the cleaning up just about done. While I missed the seder that year, I was comforted by my guests' sanguine managing of the "situation."

As for Palinitis, the cure is an Obama win...

Savtadotty said...

Tamar, Your story made me feel better. At least in my case it was just a soup salon! And it is kind of comforting to know that our guests can carry on a celebration we launched, even without us at the helm.

Chancy said...

I am glad you recovered so quickly but you will not be completely cured until November 4 when Obama wins and Sarah goes back to Alaska to cook up a big batch of moose stew with chocolate moose for dessert.