Friday, February 06, 2009

My Week At the Dascha: Executive Summary

1. Lunches prepared for 2 or more people: 5
2. Dinners (including reheated leftovers) prepared for 2 or more people: 4
3. Midmorning snacks prepared for two different tastes: 7
4. Food bowls filled for 3 indoor cats: 9
5. Food bowl filled for an unknown number of outdoor cats: 8
6. Laundry loads done: 3
7. Sinks full of dishes washed (by dishwasher!): 12
8. Trips to grocery stores: 5
9. Trips to deliver to/pickup from school: 8
10. Trips to deliver to/pickup from afterschool activities: 6
11. Breakfast alone in full sunshine on the Promenade (see photo): 1
12. Daytime Naps: 6
13: Books read: 3
14. Knitting projects completed: 1

Compensation: 42 days and nights of dogsitting. Do I need to join a childcare worker's union?


Shari said...

Your dog must really be worth it.
BTW, that breakfast looks VERY delicious. Where is it?


Savtadotty said...

After 15 years' living together, of course my dog is worth it!

The breakfast was at cafe "Dubim"("The Bears"). The picture doesn't even show the two items delivered after and the item I consumed before, I took it: a glass of fresh-squeezed juice, a substantial bowl of chopped cucumber&tomato salad, and a cappuccino. It was really good.