Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bank Misery, Part IV

Encouraged and emboldened by Yelena's phone call yesterday, I strode over to the Shekel Branch this morning to see what progress, if any, had been made. There was a different security guard on duty, and he was not as kind, so I had to tie my dog up to wait outside. This was a bad omen.

I went in and asked for Yelena, to the blank stares of the four clerks on duty. I explained to one of them who I thought Yelena was, and she immediately went over to Sharon to confer with her, interrupting the work Sharon was doing for another customer (now, sadly, I've learned how to be the interruptee, instead of the interrupted.) Sharon assured me that she would take care of everything with Yelena and that she herself had given Yelena my phone number.

As I was about to leave, I noticed that bank manager Avi was alone in his office, so I went in to beg for his help in transferring the Isracard to his bank, as it had been him who assured me it could be done. I presented him with my most recent Isracard bill (I never leave home without my little bank file these days), and he actually went ahead and dialed the phone number on the bill. We then proceeded to pace through a phone tree of at least five branches before reaching a human voice. Avi explained what we wanted (now I was a "we"!), and started writing down another phone number before we were put on hold. Another human finally answered and a long conversation ensued, during which Avi started writing notes, number 1, 2, and 3. He then said goodbye, hung up, and explained to me that I should go over to Sylvie and wait for a fax to come out of the machine next to her desk, and she would help me fill it out. That was step 1.

And lo! a fax appeared in her machine and Sylvie and I filled it out together. She had to make only one phone call to Avi for further instructions, I signed it, and she faxed it back to the Isracard people. That was step 2.

Now I have to wait to receive my card in the mail, and return to the bank to send another fax authorizing the transfer of standing order payments. That will be step 3.

The bad news is: I'll have to learn a new PIN number :-(

End of visit #6. I think I'm halfway done now.


Mongrel said...

You are right about "The Connections",did wear the past 5 weeks till 13.00 this afternoon a cast ( am awful clumsy, never did imagine concrete to be this hard), because of the insurance was advised not to use the car.

We all know for ourselves how things feel when a car does not react.
Have made calls to three different people who in a way are related to problems unfamiliar to me.

Am going to get a visit at 19.00 by the local experts, who do car repair as a hobby and do charge at least a quarter less than the average garage.

As for troubles with the internet bank, all these codes and other tricks being abracadabra,... do have a brother.

Sad to see all the trouble you have to go through, they should have rolled out a red carpet to, with this world wide financial crisis, welcome every customer.

Savtadotty said...

Mongrel, Congratulations on the removal of your cast! Be sure to do the exercises they give you.

I've never seen a red carpet rolled out for anyone in Israel. Possibly there wasone for Anwar Sadat on his historic visit, and look what happened then!

Mongrel said...

Aha, you'd like your personal tunnel!