Friday, January 24, 2014

Slowing down time

It could be read as slowing-down time, musings on reaching the age of wisdom and retirement from the hustle of daily obligations to a client, a boss, a teacher, a student. But I want time to slow down, because I see how rapidly my granddaughters are slipping away from their childish dependencies and becoming separate people in the scary big world, and I want to spread a cloak of love and security around them that I still need time to weave, knit, paint, sculpt, to fit each one perfectly right now and yet to stretch and grow with them. Not so fast, please!

This photo was taken outside the gift shop of the Big Bend Manatee Preserve near Apollo Beach, Florida, on January 3, 2014. We were en route to the Tampa airport for Mermaid Girl (13) to begin her long trip back home to Vancouver. It was even longer than planned, because her plane was cancelled at the boarding gate due to the bad snowstorm in the Northeast, and she finally got home five days later! That is not exactly the kind of slowed-down time I had in mind, but it did give us a few more days together, so I'm not complaining. Much.


Tamar said...

Yay! You're back where we met. Love your posts, musings, photos. Please, more.

SavtaDotty said...

Thanks Tamar. Do you fly USAir PHL-TLV? I did this time, and it was fine.

rappy said...

You are looking FABULOUS in that picture. Glad you got a bit of extra time with them. Are you back in Israel yet?

Carmit (back in Munich, come visit!)