Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tell Me Us About Your Piano

I was reading Tamar's blogaversary post recently (congratulations are in order.) When I saw her piano so soon after posting about my piano, I got to thinking. How many of you bloggers have pianos? If you do, why not tell us when and why you got yours, who plays it now, who used to play it, etc. etc. I'm all ears. And for photos, I'm all eyes. (This makes me very interesting to the ophtalmologist and the otolaryngologist.)


Tamar said...

Thanks for the link! Pianos have quite a history for me and perhaps I'll write a whole post about that one day. The piano in my picture was bequeathed to my son by my dearest friend Charles who died in 2001. I house it since Gilad has no room for it right now. I used to play and sing a lot. I think blogging has taken over as my way to self-expression lately. Had never thought of that ... hm ... you have given me much to think about!

Montanus said...

We have a piano. My wife had it when we got married in Naples, Italy in 1982. We still have it, and she plays it, as well as my 20 year old daughter, Elizabeth.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

We used to have a piano. My husband kept piling stuff on top of it. (It was an upright.)

I'm a neat freak. Freak as in FREAK! Husband thinks a flat surface calls for things to be on it.

I kept telling him that if he didn't stop putting papers and sh*t on the piano, the piano was going.

He kept piling stuff on the piano. He went on a business trip to Wash.,D.C. I sold the piano. Cheap. CHEAP.

We're still married. This was maybe 30 years ago. He's never mentioned it. Now he's 77 and I'm 64. I keep waiting....

Fred said...

We have a baby grand that D1 and I play. We used to have an antique, but Hurricane Andrew took care of that one.

We got it shortly after we moved back into our house, which would have been July, 1993.

It looks great in our formal living room. I just wish it was used more.

Savtadotty said...

Tamar - I too spend time blogging when I could be playing my piano (sigh). I would make a New Year's resolution to change that, but I am hopelessly self-indulgent and do only what I feel like an awful lot of the time, so resolutions are pointless. I paid my "Responsibility Dues" in advance.

Savtadotty said...

Frank - Most hill billys don't even go to Naples, let alone get married and acquire a piano there. I think you're blowing your cover.

TLP - It's a good think your husband didn't marry me: there would be no navigable flat surfaces in our home. I keep the cover of my baby grand up, so there's no temptation...everything would slide right off.

Fred - just keep it tuned, so when inspiration hits, you won't hear too many sour notes. Oh, and move it into the family room (like that's gonna happen).

That Girl said...

We had an old player piano that we rescued from a closing ice-cream parlor when I was a child.

When I played my first concert as a classical pianist my parents bought me a baby grand that my mom uses as a centerpiece in her living room.

She always tells me that she will give it to me whenver I want it but the last time I hinted I might she began talking of buying me a new piano.

Ill never get it but i dont really mind as I dont really like to play. What I really like to do is play scale excercises over and over.

I wasnt a very good pianist (as my teacher said, I have no "playing soul") but once the lead singer of Wheezer told me that he dug my playing.

You would be impressed if you knew who that was and I probably would've been more impressed if I had known who he was. As it is, I fell asleep listening to them play Disney songs.

Ah, sometimes I miss the Village.

And oh yeah, we gave my aunt the player piano and she still has it and it still plays.

Julie said...

We own a piano because I couldn't imagine raising my kids in a house that didn't contain one.

Our neighbor The Rolfer was given a piano in a barter exchange, but he already had a piano so he gave it to us. It's not a great piano, and many of the keys are now chipped (by us) but I love having it. I play it every day.