Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Le Jour de Gloire est (almost) arrivé!

Few of you may know that in my adventurous youth I spent a summer in France with a French-speaking-only family and bicycled over the Pyrenees in a convoy of French and American youth, this in a time when a French-speaking American was such a rarity that I rated many a complimentary menthe à l'eau at roadside cafés en route. It was a heady experience for a 19-year-old and I vowed to return for a year in Paris, which I did, two years later.

Out of the blue - well, not exactly, but quite suddenly for me - in preparation for the influx of French August-holiday tourists to Tel Aviv next week, I decided to brush-up my eavesdropping and cross-table café-chatting skills. So I took a placement test in French conversation yesterday at the French Institute, and got placed in the highest level class they offer! Moi! Classes start mardi (Tuesday).

When over the years various application forms inquired about my language skill levels, I always listed French as "formerly fluent." Next week I start changing that "formerly" to "again," or just dropping it altogether.


Carol Feldman said...

I am really, really really impressed. So, what kind of French soup can you make?
Love C

Savtadotty said...

Not many French speakers in Oklahama, eh? Not many Hebrew speakers either, I bet. Anyhow, I never cooked a meal in France, although I once had an omelette-making lesson that I failed. Making a French omelette is an art that I have yet to master, and the onion soup at Les Halles (this was before that grand inner-city shuk closed) was inimitable.

Lena said...

Hi - we've never met, but I read your blog regularly. I'm interested in this French Institute - I've always wanted to learn French and I looked for a website that might have contact information and couldn't find it. Might you be able to email me the address and/or phone number of the place? My email is esajudita at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Nizo said...

félicitations ma belle! si jamais t'as le goût de pratiquer t'as juste à m'écrire.

Savtadotty said...

Lena - Done! Bonne chance!

Nizo - Conversation, mon cher, conversation; tête à tête!