Monday, March 30, 2009

Bank Misery, Part VI

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On Tuesday last week I took along a Hebrew-reading friend to explore a Bank Mizrahi information machine's menu tree. (This machine is different from an ATM: no cash comes out, just printouts of various reports on your account, unless the machine has run out of paper.) We searched all the menus for "Print Out Standing Orders," to no avail. I was perversely cheered that my Hebrew illiteracy had not made the least difference in the outcome.

By Thursday afternoon I had recovered sufficient energy to call the bank's recently-installed Call Center to request a list of my Standing Orders ("we provide service even when your branch is closed"), pushed "1" for Rapid Service (the only option!) (all while thinking of what other options they are preparing to offer, like "Press 2 for Slow Service," "Press 3 for No Service at all," etc. etc.). The well-trained call center person replied to my request, "I'm sorry, we can only do that when your branch is open." Hah! I might as well have pressed 3.

Friday morning I called the Call Center again and another well-trained person replied, "Do you want it sent by mail or fax?" Bingo! I gave them Sharon's fax number and asked them to address it to her attention.

What with one thing and another, I neglected to stop by the bank yesterday to check whether Sharon got the fax (my dog has now become accustomed to the inclusion of these bank stop in her morning rounds, and pauses expectantly in front of the Shekel Branch, so she was a bit disappointed). Imagine my delight when Yelena (remember her?) called this afternoon about moving my Standing Orders. It seems someone from VIP processing (!) at the Central Office in Petach Tikva wants to make an appointment with me, at my Shekel Branch, to effect the transfers. We agreed on this coming Thursday. Can't wait to meet Hagai from VIP Services!

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