Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Exactly a Progress Report on the Various Miseries

Gas Company: I called them to order a spare gas canister, which started off the whole chain of events in the first place, and the order went through. The case will be closed when that canister arrives, "within ten days." Yeah, sure. We'll see in ten days..

Bank Friday: Received in the mail a cash machine card from Bank Discount with an explanatory letter in Hebrew. Decided to take advantage of the proximity and friendliness of the new bank and drop by for an explanation one day soon.

Bank Sunday: Got a phone call yesterday from an unnamed person speaking Russian-accented Hebrew who claims to work for Bank Discount, telling me that my standing order forms are being processed, and advising me not to close my old Mizrahi account yet. As if I would!

Bank Today: Stopped by Bank Discount for the explanation of the new card, and learned that my secret code for actually using it should arrive in the mail any minute now. Until then, the bank teller would pretend to be my cash machine, if I would let her swipe my new card. [Just realized that "swipe" used to mean "steal" but now it means...whooosh.]

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