Sunday, August 05, 2007

Item #6

Working my way through my list of domestic tasks, I reordered them by urgency and comfort (indoors tasks get priority during the hot months), and Item #6 popped up at the top, because Mermaid Girl's birthday comes up in a few weeks, and there's the International Postal Service to be endured. How it looked in June. Here's the finished product today.


Liza said...

That's beautiful! She's going to look absolutely adorable wearing that! Does it come in adult sizes as well? :-)

Anonymous said...

OH WOW>......yup, I'm very impressed with your talent for knitting.
What a gorgeous sweater and as a novice knitter, I can really appreciate the talent it took to make it. It's so involved.

Run Around Paris said...

lovely knitting...i just started myself about a year ago and i've never had the courage to tackle anything like a sweater (even a little one) yet!