Friday, August 03, 2007

Teapot Surgery

Teapot Surgery
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The operation was a success and the patient survived. The nasty-looking thing coming out of the spout is simply a tea-sodden wad of cotton wool. Surgical instruments were Dunhill pipe cleaners, circa 1964. The surgical team was Nominally Challenged and Miriam, during today's soup salon. Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions!

Now we can concentrate on fixing the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I am glad you got it out! Now off to the brush store for a regular cleaning aid? (for pics?!)

I work across the street from the Dunhill Hotel in Charlotte. It's nice but the "Monticello" restaurant leave much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Sending get-well wishes post-op.
Glad to hear the surgery was successful.

Chancy said...

I am overjoyed that your teapot has recovered from the surgery in one piece with the help of good friends and good bloggers suggestions.